How I Got My One Month Old Blog Approved For Google Adsense Ads

How do I get Google Adsense approval? This is a very common question amongst bloggers, website owners, etc. Google Adsense is the industry leading advertising network that has one of the best CPC (Cost Per Click) pay rate for publishers and also CPM rate (Cost Per Thousand Impressions). Now for the newbies who don't know what CPC or CPM means, CPC stands for Cost Per Click which means you'll get paid everytime someone clicks any of your links. CPM means Cost Per Thousand Impressions which means everytime someone just goes to your website (that already has ads on it) you get paid. They just load up your website and it is registered as an impression,they don't necessarily have to see the ads. Now CPC and CPM pay rates differ from each other. Some advertising networks like Popads pay more for impressions while big dogs like or Infolinks pay well more for clicks.

Okay now that we've got that covered let's get to answering your question.


Get A US bank account with Payoneer: The Best PayPal Alternative

If you're having troubles with processing payments online probably because you don't reside in the US or own a bank account there or PayPal or you just really don't want to share your financial details out there. Then Payoneer is your best bet for receiving payments and or making payments online with the Payoneer MasterCard. With Payoneer you get a working USD bank account with all the necessary details and a Payoneer MasterCard. You get to bill customers/clients personally by just sending them an email with a requested amount to be paid and they just input their credit or debit card information and you get paid into your USD balance. It's easy to setup and a very good PayPal alternative, the registration isn't strict and Is open to all countries plus there aren't that many fees on Payoneer as much as PayPal. Most places for online businesses have Payoneer integrated as a payment source already e.g Amazon, CJ affiliate network, fiverr marketplace, 2checkout, a…

Number One Trick to Grow Your Instagram Organically for Free

If you're wondering if there's a possible solution on how to grow your instagram organically without any paid advertisements. I'm here to help. To successfully grow your instagram audience for free you need to do these 3 things.

1. Post Really Good Content
You've probably heard this before but let me clarify that it's true. Just think about it, all the luxury pages you follow on Instagram or all those fitness models you follow, why do you follow them? Probably because they post great content which you like. That's why guys like Dan Bilzerian has so many followers. Post content that your target audience will love. Let's say if you're an entrepreneur, you should post more lifestyle photos and "behind the scenes" business life. Make your Instagram a reality TV channel. The main point is just that you should post great content that people in your target audience will like. If you don't have this part covered the next part won't work so …

Easiest Way to Make Money Online for Free

People usually wonder what's the easiest way to make money online for free or basically nothing. Let's face it there are some of us with only N50/25¢ lefy in the bank. If you want to know a very simple, very easy way to make money online without having any money but just a phone, a working phone number/email and internet connection. Read on.
Now what am about to tell you might seem pretty basic and simple to you. In fact so simple you might even brush it off. But I can tell you from personal experience this idea can make you a shit load of money if you play it right.
Basically what you're going to do is look around your house and find out if you have anything valuable that you no longer need or use. Whatever it is, a used phone or laptop, a few shoes or maybe a cool bag even. Just basic household items. Take good pictures of them. Then you log on to OLX if you're in Nigeria or EBay/Craigslist if you're in the US and other countries. Create an account and post an…

Why You should Travel Or Travel More

Travelling, this is something so few of us actually do. A lot of us talk about doing it, some of us actually do it and unfortunately some of us "think" we can't afford it. The reason I put think in quotes is because, you don't necessarily have to go to the Maldives or Rio or some other exotic place in the world.
If you live in Ibadan, Nigeria you could as well travel down to Lagos. If you live in New York, you might as well go take a whiff of Californian air. The main point is changing your location and/or environment to something different than you're used to. Now for us Introverts, that might not be the brightest idea but let me show you why it is. 1. Travelling Changes Your Perspective on Things.
This earth is one big mother******, excuse my language but that's just how it is. It's so big that it might seem like a suicide attempt to travel it all to most. But traveling actually is beneficial to you because it's let's you experience the vast va…

Being a Know It All is Killing You. Here's Why

At some point in our lives we've all been a know it all or at least known someone who was and maybe still is. That annoying odd individual who never admits their wrong or own up to there own mistakes, always has something to say about everything, loves to show off what they know ( Even when they don't know jack sh*t). These people are all in their own fantasy world where there's no body better than them. To most of us who know them I bet you probably feel like they're irritating and annoying everytime. A lot of us have ditched such people and never want to associate with them.If you're one of those annoying ( yes you are) individuals, TRUST ME when I say this it's not going to end well for you. I also used to be a "Know-It-All", Thank God I changed that and I'm still very much working on it. It's a very bad habit and if you want to be successful, you have to get rid of it like it never existed in the first place. Here's why you need to get…

Passion : Necessary for Success or Not

I know a lot us have probably heard that you need to have 100% passion and love for what you do. You have to be in love with whatever business you're already into or plan on doing.Guess what?  IT'S ALL BULLSHITIf every millionaire loved all their businesses don't you think there'd be less of 'em.  In fact a lot of successful people runs business they don't really love that much so that it takes care of all their finances so they can then have time to focus on doing what they actually love to do. You don't necessarily have to fall in love with all your ideas if they will make you money. Just do it, when I started freelancing I didn't like working so hard on other people's project and eventually delivering them and having the work get rejected. But I did it anyways because it took care of my financial needs which in turn then allowed me the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. When you're just starting out (especially if you're dead broke) d…