Being a Know It All is Killing You. Here's Why

At some point in our lives we've all been a know it all or at least known someone who was and maybe still is. That annoying odd individual who never admits their wrong or own up to there own mistakes, always has something to say about everything, loves to show off what they know ( Even when they don't know jack sh*t).

These people are all in their own fantasy world where there's no body better than them. To most of us who know them I bet you probably feel like they're irritating and annoying everytime. A lot of us have ditched such people and never want to associate with them.

If you're one of those annoying ( yes you are) individuals, TRUST ME when I say this it's not going to end well for you. I also used to be a "Know-It-All", Thank God I changed that and I'm still very much working on it. It's a very bad habit and if you want to be successful, you have to get rid of it like it never existed in the first place.

Here's why you need to get the "Know-It-All" syndrome out of your life.

If you're a know it all you really don't learn things that are beneficial to your success because of your gigantic ego. You feel there's nothing new for you to learn. You feel like "I know that already" even though you might still learn something that you didn't know before by looking at it from a different perspective. Your ego isn't letting you learn much and whoever stops learning is Old, doesn't matter if you're 9 or 100. Get rid of your ego (it's not making you money) and become open minded, listen to other people. No one is an island of knowledge, there are people who know way better than you.
You have one mouth and two ears. Isn't that a sign you should do less yabbing and more listening?

If you had no idea already, nobody likes a "Know-It-All", if you don't listen to what other people say and respect their opinions, nobody will want to be friends with you. And why should they? After all you are a Piece of sh*t friend. If you're able to even get to where successful people are and have the chance to link up with one of them. You'll probably lose that opportunity because of your stupid ego. Learn to listen to what people have to say, give it thought and reply appropriately instead of just shutting them off disrespectfully, even if they are criticising you. A lot of times they might be right and they might help you discover your flaws so you can work on them but  you probably wouldn't have known that because of your "Know-It-All" syndrome.

As I said earlier on, nobody likes a know it all. Success is usually achieved when you keep updating yourself with latest trends that you learn from others and put to good use. For know it all's it'll be pretty hard to succeed when you're not willing to take advice from anyone. Take good advice from other people, especially people who are were you want to be in life. Whether in health and fitness, wealth, relationships etc. They will help you avoid the mistakes you might make on the way and save you a lot of heartbreaks.

If you've read this far and you're a know it all, there is still hope for you. Just learn to listen more and talk less, by the time you do this you'll become more knowledgeable and then be able to speak with authority.

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