Easiest Way to Make Money Online for Free

People usually wonder what's the easiest way to make money online for free or basically nothing. Let's face it there are some of us with only N50/25¢ lefy in the bank. If you want to know a very simple, very easy way to make money online without having any money but just a phone, a working phone number/email and internet connection. Read on.

Now what am about to tell you might seem pretty basic and simple to you. In fact so simple you might even brush it off. But I can tell you from personal experience this idea can make you a shit load of money if you play it right.

Basically what you're going to do is look around your house and find out if you have anything valuable that you no longer need or use. Whatever it is, a used phone or laptop, a few shoes or maybe a cool bag even. Just basic household items. Take good pictures of them. Then you log on to OLX if you're in Nigeria or EBay/Craigslist if you're in the US and other countries. Create an account and post an Ad and the images of the items you snapped ,add a very good description of the item so potential buyers can know what they are about to buy. For example if you want to sell a phone. It's best you include some tech info like the RAM or the camera megapixels and the screen size just so they can get a view of the product they are about to buy. A proper item description can actually guarantee you a sale so make sure to write it well. Add your best contact information, upload the ad and then wait for response from buyers. If you actually have a little bit of change, you can opt in to promote your item across the whole site for a specific amount of time for as low as NGN350.
I urge you to take this idea into consideration if you're broke. After all you have nothing to lose.
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