Get A US bank account with Payoneer: The Best PayPal Alternative

If you're having troubles with processing payments online probably because you don't reside in the US or own a bank account there or PayPal or you just really don't want to share your financial details out there. Then Payoneer is your best bet for receiving payments and or making payments online with the Payoneer MasterCard. With Payoneer you get a working USD bank account with all the necessary details and a Payoneer MasterCard. You get to bill customers/clients personally by just sending them an email with a requested amount to be paid and they just input their credit or debit card information and you get paid into your USD balance. It's easy to setup and a very good PayPal alternative, the registration isn't strict and Is open to all countries plus there aren't that many fees on Payoneer as much as PayPal. Most places for online businesses have Payoneer integrated as a payment source already e.g Amazon, CJ affiliate network, fiverr marketplace, 2checkout, airbnb, etc 
You can spend the funds by buying things online, withdraw the funds in the account at any ATM in the world that accepts Mastercard and you can also withdraw the funds into your personal bank anywhere in the world.

How Does Payoneer Work? 

In simple terms, Payoneer is a service gives you the ability to possess a USD bank account, Euro bank account, GBP bank account all in one online account and it also comes with a Payoneer MasterCard Debit card that allows you to make payments anywhere online that MasterCard is accepted (Which is like every credible store on earth, seeing the benefits yet?). You get a USD bank account with account number, routing number, bank name and the account name (which is the name on the government issued ID you'll be providing for registration and also the name for the account). You can use it receive payments from a lot of places like in the picture below and anywhere else where you can receive through ETF/bank transfer 

How To Register for A Payoneer Account 

Things you'll need. 
1. A Government Issued ID(Whether it be National Id card/slip or Drivers License)
2. A personal address or post office address to receive your Payoneer MasterCard 
3. Nothing Else.....:)


Log on to Payoneer here
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2. Click on the Register button 

3. Input all your information accurately. 

4. Complete the registration by verifying your email after you've added all your details. 

5. After successfully registering for an account you'll see a notification email that confirms your account status and welcomes you to the payoneer network

The name on your government issued ID card must be the same with the name on your account to avoid any issues with Payoneer. And also input the date of birth correctly as you'll be asked this in the future for security reasons whenever they request it plus the security questions and answers you have chosen. I'll advice you to store all the information you'll input including your customer ID after it has been sent to you into a txt file or a word file and upload it as a draft onto your email for backup. 

Start connecting your USD bank account details to receive payments by logging on to your Payoneer Account and click Global Payment Service, where you'll find the details for your USD/EURO/GBP bank accounts or if you're using one of the supported partners and more who support it, just connect your account by logging in through their portal. 
You should really try out Payoneer today if you don't reside in the US and have troubles receiving payments or don't want to reveal personal details or you dislike PayPal fees. If you have any questions about payoneer. Comment below and I'll reply to it. Thank you 
Until the next time......  
Inioluwa Olojede