How I Got My One Month Old Blog Approved For Google Adsense Ads

How do I get Google Adsense approval? This is a very common question amongst bloggers, website owners, etc. Google Adsense is the industry leading advertising network that has one of the best CPC (Cost Per Click) pay rate for publishers and also CPM rate (Cost Per Thousand Impressions). Now for the newbies who don't know what CPC or CPM means, CPC stands for Cost Per Click which means you'll get paid everytime someone clicks any of your links. CPM means Cost Per Thousand Impressions which means everytime someone just goes to your website (that already has ads on it) you get paid. They just load up your website and it is registered as an impression,they don't necessarily have to see the ads. Now CPC and CPM pay rates differ from each other. Some advertising networks like Popads pay more for impressions while big dogs like or Infolinks pay well more for clicks.

Okay now that we've got that covered let's get to answering your question.


For those of you who probably don't know I  started this blog just over a month ago. I Just got my Adsense account approved yesterday after submitting my blog for approval about two days ago. To be honest with you I never thought Google would ever approve my account. Maybe it's because a lot of people have been complaining about not getting in or because I didn't get approval until my Fourth application. So I guess this teaches you to always work towards your goal and never Give up. I had failed three times earlier on in getting my adsense account. But I didn't give up. I went back to work. Googled all night and day long and studied a mixture of tips and tricks to easily get my account approved. Until I finally developed a Formula of my own ingenious design (got me feeling like a mad scientist, lol)
In this post I'm going to share with you what I've learned during my failed applications and how I eventually got my account approved and how you can get yours too.

How I Submitted My applications And Finally Got Approval From Google Adsense.
Now to begin with. If you're not getting traffic to your blog at all this won't work. I have a trick which I had to learn to generate lots of traffic in just a short amount of time for just $5. I have gotten over 10000 pageviews within over a month and I have only eight posts as at the time of this writing.

If you're smart enough you'd have probably realized Google doesn't necessarily care that much about your content(at least nowadays). The number one eligibility advantage you can have is loads of traffic.
Now if you don't have traffic yet. Don't worry I'll be putting together a simple e-book. Totally free of charge (at least for some time before you have to pay, so always check back my people) detailing exactly how I got over 10000 pageviews within ten 14 days. My highest traffic level so far has been 962 pageviews in a day. Now to some people this might seem insignificant but it's way better than nothing. Trust me, I know. I'm pretty sure you do to. I get at least 650+ pageviews per day.
How My First Three Applications Failed.
At first when I opened my blog (It's a free blog hosted by blogger) I tried applying for Google Adsense but of course my request was denied. I had only about 2 posts at the time and only 20 pageviews each and that was mostly from my Facebook shares. I had background knowledge about Adsense before I applied as I have known about blogging since 2012 I just decided to get fully into it recently (lazy me). I got a message telling me that for some reasons my blog wasn't eligible. Which I'm Sure a lot of us have received.

After getting rejected the first time. I left Google Adsense alone because I had heard about Adsense strict approval and all the approval criterias and went to search for other alternatives like Infolinks or which I found out have much more strict approval processes than Adsense. After much research and failed attempts with that I decided to apply for adsense once again. But of course I got rejected again. I added 3 more posts on my blog and after about a month of running it part time. I had gotten a total of only 309 pageviews. I applied the third time again and also got rejected. But while I was getting rejected by Adsense something very important hit me. If Google was rejecting a blog I opened, hosted by their own partner company (Blogger) then I certainly must be doing something wrong. I sat back and thought about how I could improve my blog and get better results. I went on straight to Google and searched for info like there was no tomorrow. I consumed as much information as I could and developed a Formula to get approved and submitted my blog for approval Again and this time to the Glory of God. I got approved.

Proof I Actually Have an Adsense account
Below are screenshots from the Android Adsense app. As you can see I've only made 0.02$ from impressions as I just started displaying ads on blog.

Tips To Get Your Adsense Application approved

1. Get Loads Of Consistent Traffic - I'm sorry to say this but if you don't have this part covered don't even bother with getting approved. They'll probably turn you down. How do I know? Well you see my blog is hosted by Blogger and they're partners with Google. So anything Google is usually integrated with my site, when I first opened my blog after getting about 60 pageviews I went to the "Earnings Tab" on adsense to see if I could maybe get lucky with Adsense. The "Earnings" tab would always display "Your Blog Does Not Yet Qualify For Adsense" but about a week and a half later after I started using the system I've used to generate 10,000 pageviews in that short time (as at the time of this post being published) I checked back to my "Earnings" tab and saw that I was now allowed to setup Adsense with my blog. This goes to show you that Google is much more interested in Traffic than they are with anything else. Why shouldn't they, if you don't have traffic that can be monetized why should ads be displayed on your blog. I know a lot of people have questions about my technique for getting at least 650+ unique visitors a day. Don't worry I'll come out with something for you guys very soon (totally free). Keep in mind that realistically you need to have at least 100 unique visitors a day to start making some dough from your blog or site. So this'll help a lot. Getting traffic isn't only just going to help you get adsense approval, it's also going to guarantee that you make more and more money consistently from your blog. If you have all the world's greatest content but no one to read it it's pointless. Same way it is if you start displaying ads and there's no audience to generate clicks or impressions.
NOTE: Even with traffic like mine, I still need lots more to make good money with Adsense. Don't worry I'll be documenting how I get through all this for you guys.

2. Have  an at least OKAY Design
If you want google to approve your request. You need to properly setup your blog and have at least a decent About Us page. Possibly a contact page as well although I personally am yet to fully launch one. But I did have good layout for my blog and I made sure my site was indexed with Google before my application eventually got approved.
NOTE: if you're using Blogger your blog should already be indexed into Google. If you want to know if it is simply log on to Google and search "site:your blog url" and if your site shows up on Google then it is indexed. If it isn't you'll have to integrate it via Google Web Analytics.
Making sure your site/blog is Indexed allows Google to recognise your site in search terms and helps them generate specific ads to your target audience. This step is also very beneficial and important but also not necessary as far as I know but it's better you get this taken care of just in case. Make sure your blog layout also looks alright at least for your readers convenience and all.
3. Write Original, Unique And SEO optimized content
When it comes to writing blog posts don't just focus on the length but more importantly focus on the originality and uniqueness of the content you put up. First of all. If you discuss topics that aren't that rare to find on the internet ( just like this one) but you simply offer the same ideas without any sort of significant difference, your posts are going to get buried under a lot of search results and you won't be getting traffic from search engines which is the life of a long running blog. Try as much as possible to optimize your blog Titles and posts to match specific keywords. I currently use the  free version of  Keyword Tool to find out what people are searching for so I can then simply construct my blog posts around those keywords. If you have 88$/month to spare I'd strongly advise you to get the best version of Keyword Tool that even tells you how much each keyword is worth per click and how many monthly views they get. Original and unique blog post with a little bit of personality and connection with your visitors could turn them into regular basis readers. The benefits of this is truly endless.

There other tips but they are probably meant for how to maximize earnings so when you get your Adsense application approved I'd have probably posted a new blog post about it and attach it below. Thank you for taking your time to read this I appreciate. Let me know in the comments section if you have any thoughts I'll gladly respond to them.
Until Next Time............