Number One Trick to Grow Your Instagram Organically for Free

If you're wondering if there's a possible solution on how to grow your instagram organically without any paid advertisements. I'm here to help.
To successfully grow your instagram audience for free you need to do these 3 things.

1. Post Really Good Content
You've probably heard this before but let me clarify that it's true. Just think about it, all the luxury pages you follow on Instagram or all those fitness models you follow, why do you follow them? Probably because they post great content which you like. That's why guys like Dan Bilzerian has so many followers. Post content that your target audience will love. Let's say if you're an entrepreneur, you should post more lifestyle photos and "behind the scenes" business life. Make your Instagram a reality TV channel. The main point is just that you should post great content that people in your target audience will like. If you don't have this part covered the next part won't work so well.

2. Use Relevant Hash tags
I once watched a video on Gary Vaynerchuk's Instagram where he said Hash tags is the currency of Instagram. This is coming from one of the top social media experts in the world. He definitely is right. I decided to try it on my Instagram account where I had a little bit over 300 followers. I posted nice photos of myself and with a somewhat witty caption and I would use (as recommended by Gary) at least 20-30 hash tags relevant to the type of people I wanted to receive views, likes and follows from. It worked great. After about 3wks and 4 pictures later I've gained over 350 more followers and all 4 photos have at least 90likes on them each(whereas I used to get about 30likes before) . Keep in mind I wasn't super active with this and I only tried it a little but I can tell you it definitely works

3. Follow Accounts and Influencers Relevant to your target audience
If let's say for example you're an entrepreneur. You should follow accounts and influencers like entrepreneur, Forbes, foundr, luxury lifestyle pages relevant to your specific target audience. Have you ever followed a celebrity or big Instagram page and moments later you start getting follow notifications? That's because the more you follow accounts with larger followings, the more you'll be able to network with relevant accounts also involved. That's just how Instagram's algorithm is designed. It's to connect people of interests together.

Use the 3 steps above to gradually grow your Instagram account. Just so you know this route is kinda slow and requires a lot of your time. But you get what you pay for but if you're willing to put in the work or too cheap to run paid advertisements, then these steps are your best towards an Instagram account with a large following.
Until Next Time.........