What is The HIP Life?

About Us
Created as a platform to guide budding entrepreneurs into the world of business by Inioluwa Olojede  in 2017. The Hip Life blog is aimed at giving you the insights into my entrepreneurial ventures, business education, side hustle ideas, business mindset motivation. Basically I’m giving you the equivalent of a business degree and something worth a lot more. If you’re interested in taking charge of your life and achieving your dreams and living THE HIP LIFE, then I sincerely advise you to take a look around.

Growing up in Ibadan in Nigeria,  I Lost my dad when I was nine years old and my mom struggled a lot to make ends meet alone.  Thank God for my mama. Anyways anytime I wanted something I most of the time had to figure out ways to afford it and as I grew older I decided to go in depth and find ways to stop being broke. My discoveries are what I am willing to share with you on this blog. I want you to take control of your financial situation no matter how old you are, after all I’m only 17 yrs old. So if I could figure out a way to get out of poverty you can too. I currently am growing financially myself as well but that’s the wonderful thing though, we get to grow together and make these millions. I look forward to having a positive impact on your financial situation.